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FatPlate Sand

FatPlate Sand

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  • Improves your strike so that you escape more traps!
  • Gives strike, stance, club face & set-up guidance.
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Used by elite PGA coaches.
  • Comes with 24 page training guide & practice/playing record.

What does FatPlate Sand do?

By offering stance, club face & set-up direction, FatPlate Sand gives you the guidance and confidence to play a variety of bunker shots!

No more drawing lines in the sand behind the ball! FatPlate Sand gives fantastic auditory feedback when struck, making it the ideal practice tool to help you repeatedly hit the sand from 1 up to 4 inches behind the ball.

Additional Features & Benefits?

  • Gives stance, club face & set-up guidance to help you master a variety of bunker shots.
  • The 1, 2, 3 & 4” ball positions allow you to monitor & measure that the correct amount of sand is being taken for the shot being practiced
  • Ball can be positioned either by shot selection or level of difficulty required.
  • Provides strike feedback when used with or without a ball!
  • Toughened polycarbonate gives auditory feedback when struck.
  • Designed to fit into a standard size golf bag.
  • Carry your golf coach around in your pocket!

Carry your golf coach around in your pocket!
FatPlate is supplied with a scorecard sized 24 page Assisted Learning training guide & practice/playing record in order to guide & quantify your progress on the practice area & also out on the course.

What's In the Box

  • FatPlate Sand
  • 24 Page Training Guide - Practice/Playing Record

Assisted Learning Online Video Series
Ensure that you use your new FatPlate training aid in the most effective way possible.

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