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PuttMat - Pace & Line Trainer

PuttMat - Pace & Line Trainer

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  • Double-putting tracks for technical & transitional training.
  • ‘Effective Width’ training track provides a visual pathway to the full width
  • of the cup – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep the ball within the track!
  • Supplied with 1x PuttCup - our realistic (shallow) putting cup that provides true pace & line feedback – if you don’t hit perfect pace, the ball will either lip-out or jump the back of the cup.
  • ‘Capture Speed’ zone behind the hole provides pace feedback – keeping the ball within the zone means that your putt would not have lipped-out!
  • Target points allow for start-line training whilst the ball locators help to ensure consistent head/eye positioning at set-up.
  • Offers putts from 8 feet down to 1.
  • 10’ x 2’ (305 x 66cm).
  • Stay-flat latex rubber backing.
  • Woven pile surface provides a stimp pace of 10 (medium pace).
  • PuttMat is compatible with any surface mounted putting cup but is supplied with our pioneering PuttCup
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • On average you’ll hole 25% more 6ft putts after a 1 hour session.
PuttMat provides pace, length, set-up & start-line training in the most natural way possible to ensure that you hole more putts.

PuttMat gives you less to think about by making setup and stroke instinctive. On average 9ft putts finish 25% closer to the hole after a 1 hour session.

Additional Features
  • Can be used in conjunction with PuttPlate, ArcMat, MirrorPlate & MirrorBoard (sold separately).
  • Technical Side:
    PuttMat’s centered ball locators, target line, Effective Width track & Capture Speed zone provide set-up, pace & alignment guidance.
  • Transitional Side:
    By removing the centered ball locators, target line, Effective Width track & Capture Speed zone, PuttMat’s transitional side becomes the perfect bridge between technical training & the natural appearance of the green. In leaving the ball position dots, we’re giving you just enough visual reference of your target line.
1. What is the purpose of the Effective Width track?
PuttMat offers both a technical (training) and transitional (more natural) putting track and a key feature of the technical track is the ‘Effective Width’ zone.

The printed area provides a visual pathway showing how wide the hole actually is, making it much easier to hole the putt.

Repeated practice will help you ingrain a mental picture of the pathway to the hole which, in turn, will give you increased confidence.

2. What is the ‘Capture Speed’ zone / What is Capture Speed?
By keeping the ball within PuttMat’s Capture Speed zone, you know that you would have holed the putt and that it would not have lipped-out.

Capture speed means that the hole effectively becomes smaller the faster the ball is travelling as, due to gravity, the pace changes the size of the hole!

A golf hole is 4.25 inches wide but the faster the ball is travelling the more likely (off-center putts) will lip-out. When the ball travels slower, it can topple in by catching just the very edge of the hole, meaning that the hole has now essentially become bigger.

If you hit your short putts ‘straight and firm’, here’s an example of why Capture Speed is definitely a consideration for you: when the ball is travelling at a speed that would take it 1 foot past the hole, the hole plays as if it is about 2.5 inches wide, but if the ball would go 5 feet past the hole, you have effectively made the hole just half an inch wide!

Knowledge of Capture Speed can be especially useful for golfers who have been told “never up, never in” or “you must pass the hole” and also golfers who like to take the break out of a putt by hitting it firmer.

3. What pace is the PuttCup?
PuttCup has been designed with a one and a half feet past-the-hole pace in mind, meaning that should your putt not lip-out or jump the back of the cup, you’ve hit it at our preferred pace (we’re happy with you having an 18” putt back should you miss the first putt).

The sloped Capture Speed wall that surrounds PuttCup provides a scientifically correct pace – meaning that your putt will lip-out in exactly the same way as it would on the course.

PuttCup not only offers true pace and line feedback but we believe it’s also the most visually accurate putting cup on the market and offers everything that a putting hole does, but without the hole!

  • PuttMat
  • PuttCup
  • 24 Page Training Guide / Practice Playing Record
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